About us

Rise Above The Normal


The Above Normal is a design centric store which aims at bringing unique, beautiful and affordable design pieces to you.  We believe that every home deserves to have products that adds beauty, luxury and elegance in it. This is why we do our best to source products that fit our criteria.


We Value


We strive to create a beautiful shopping experience for each and every one. From the moment you choose the product, till you open the box and enjoy your new pieces. We too love online shopping and love finding THAT beautiful item.


We love talking to you and taking part of your happy moments & gift giving.  Since 2016 we were blessed with so many friends whom we shared their new jobs, weddings, baby showers (and divorces) !


If we had a rocket we’ll use it to ship your packages! We value fast delivery and do our best to make sure you don’t wait long for your orders to reach.

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